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This Trick-Or-Treating Mom Loves Candy So Much, No One Else Can Have It

Kids rule. Adults drool (over candy).

It's been long theorized that kids are genuinely better people than adults. Thanks to Halloween and the help of a Reddit user known as "priceless," we have what could be considered video evidence of this.

In a clip posted by InternetLasers, the residents of one home put out candy unattended with a sign that read, "Help yourself, but be considerate!" on Halloween night. As you can see from the video below, the children had a great understanding of what considerate meant. It was one mother that could have use a refresher course.

Behavior like this gives both bunnies and human beings a bad name. There is absolutely no excuse for loving candy this much, no matter how you slice it.

On the positive side, shout-out to all these kids for being upstanding trick-or-treaters. Consider this yet another reason to never grow up.

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