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14 Times Little Mix Made Us Laugh So Hard We Snorted

Starting with these Halloween costumes ^^^

On Friday, Little Mix will release album No. 3, Get Weird, which reminds us: Jade, Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne have been here for us for four years already!

Not only have they been serenading us and making our hearts melt for all these years, but fans can always count on them for a little friendship and goofiness. Little Mix have no problem getting down with their silly side -- hence why their album is called Get Weird.

Whether they're unleashing their alter egos or singing opera -- Little Mix always has us snorting with laugher. Check out the top 15 times they made us nearly pee our pants:

  1. When Jade said her dad was on Plenty Of Fish
  2. When they convinced Twitter that they love nipple tassles
  3. When Leigh made a scene on the plane
  4. When they got all interpretive dance on us
  5. When they narrated this fish
  6. When the girls pulled out their inner Wilma & Betsy
  7. When they stopped by MTV and played Mix & Magic
  8. When Perrie went ham on this steering wheel
  9. When Leigh decided to show off her gymnast skills in the hotel hallway
  10. When they got a little disturbing
  11. When Perrie accidentally burped
  12. When everyone laughed at Jade's singleness
  13. When Perrie lipsynched Britney Spears
  14. When Leigh got tired