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The First Ever ‘Warcraft’ Trailer Is Finally Here And It’s Stunning

It's about time!

Next June, the world of "Warcraft" is finally heading to the big screen after having its release date pushed back twice -- but judging from the new trailer that was just released today (November 6) in anticipation of this weekend's BlizzCon, we are in for a seriously epic showdown between the Alliance and the Hoarde.

This is the first time any footage from "Warcraft," which is set in the same fictional universe as Blizzard Entertainment games like "Warcraft" and "World Of Warcraft," (seeing a pattern here?) has ever been released online (save for that teaser trailer from a few days ago!) -- although some fans at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a first look at the movie earlier this year. Now the rest of the Internet-using world finally gets to see what all the hype's about, and it definitely feels like it was worth the wait.


Seriously, it's still hard to believe that Durotan (Toby Kebbel) and his band of Orcs are almost entirely computer generated. Those horns sure look real!

"Warcraft" hits theaters June 10, 2016.