Ja Rule Catches His Kids Having A House Party -- And His Reaction Is AMAZING

This is what it's like to have a rapper for a dad.

Ja Rule may be leader of the household, but his offspring don't always “Follow The Rules.” In fact, when the cat's away, the mice will party.

During tonight's episode, the rapper's three kiddos were left on their own in the Garden State while Ja brought his wife Aisha and their mothers to a New York City performance. Before leaving, however, the musician warned the youngins to behave during their absence and not invite anyone over -- but this naturally went in one ear and out the other. Kids these days...

A big bash planned by Jeffrey Jr. (aka Lil' Rule) was going smoothly (watching youngest sib Jordy flirt with a fellow partygoer melted our hearts) until the adults got home a little earlier than planned...and caught the crew having a grand ol' time. Unsurprisingly, Ja was not pleased -- and promptly singled out his older son.

"Rule, bring your @$$ over here," the patriarch exclaimed. "Didn't I tell your @$$ 'No company'?" Uh oh...

While Ja looked like he was ready to ground his kiddos promptly, he saved the tough talk for the morning and turned the scenario into a priceless family moment. We won't spoil what happened, so check out the clip below:

Have you ever thrown a house party? Did you get caught too? And how'd your parents react to the sitch? Tell us your story in the comments, and catch more funny "Follow The Rules" action every Monday at 10/9c.