Swipe Left Or Right: 'Are You The One?' Casties Judge Some Familiar MTV Faces

It's unanimous: Jessica Simpson is hot.

This season’s “Are You The One?” cast members are no strangers to falling hard and fast when faced with a myriad of hot bodies their perfect matches -- but several of the cast members (Rashida, Kiki, Hunter and Alec) also have a soft spot for some timeless MTV stars. And when the foursome was tasked with playing a Tinder-like game featuring these familiar folks, they didn’t hesitate to swipe right…with the occasional exception, of course.

While both guys used the same adjective -- and "hot or not" gesture -- to describe Lauren Conrad, the two also proved they have similar tastes when it comes to Jessica Simpson.

As for the ladies, Kiki is feeling a little something something for a "Catfish" sleuth, while Rashida's imitation of "Follow the Rules" patriarch Ja Rule is utter perfection. But the real kicker: “AYTO” host Ryan Devlin got some special shout-outs.

“Ryan, you are bae,” Kiki admits. Too. Good.

Watch all of the crushing go down in the clip, share your swiping choices in the comments and be sure to catch a new episode of “Are You The One?” this Wednesday at 10/9c!