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Are These New Cody Simpson Lyrics Or Just A Mini iPhone Poem?

'Let my skin be your canvas / Paint a picture in technicolor'

In addition to totally being the new John Mayer, 18-year-old Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson is also a cosmic poet. A man of intrigue. A "free" spirit.

On Sunday, Cody tweeted out a screen shot of some words arranged to look an awful lot like lyrics (or maybe even poetry?) from his phone:

Darling one

Take me with you

As you run

Into the shining sun

Let my skin be your canvas

Paint a picture in technicolor

With your gentle hand

I, a humble admirer

Sitting in your gallery

No other was caption provided, of course, because that would take away from the ~mystery~. But what we have instead is a collection of evocative, symbolic words that Cody's been working on likely for his new project, a band called Coast House. These new tunes will follow up his independent Free album, released in July.

Cody's spent the time since then touring extensively and jamming out (and posting a ton of those jams to Instagram).

And apparently he's been listening to some Van Morrison lately, specifically "Into The Mystic" and hopefully the full Moondance album because it's perfect. The lyrics he penned above, with their haziness and abstract simplicity, certainly seem Van-influenced. This is a very good direction for Cody, and if Coast House is digging into Van, I'd also recommend Veedon Fleece.

Cody, hit me up whenever you wanna hang out and spin Van records.

What do you think this song will sound like once it's complete? Let us know!