Brad Mangin/MLB Photos via Getty

Paul Rudd Is Celebrating Like He Just Won The World Series

The Mets' loss is Paul Rudd's victory.

Last night (November 1), the Kansas City Royals became baseball's world champions after winning the World Series against the New York Mets. The series went to five games, with the Royals winning the first two on their own home turf, and the last two on New York's home ground.

The final game in the series went to 12 innings, with a decisive victory clinched when the Royals tacked on five runs in the 12th, bringing the final score to 7-2 after several innings at a 2-2 stalemate.

Midwestern native and loyal sports fan Paul Rudd was on hand to celebrate with his favorite team in the locker room after the win, and he looked so happy in his champagne-soaked revelry that it was as if he'd rounded the bases himself. Take a look:

  • Hand to heart, so happy.
    Brad Mangin/MLB Photos via Getty
    Brad Mangin/MLB Photos via Getty
  • A touching moment with his teammate.
    Brad Mangin/MLB Photos via Getty
  • Rudd probably also could have used those champagne goggles, but he doesn't seem to mind.