Watch 'Supergirl' Star Melissa Benoist Take On Her Kryptonite: Adorable Puppies

TV's newest Supergirl is no match for these super (cute) puppies.

As Kara Zor-El on CBS' hit new show "Supergirl," Melissa Benoist is nearly invincible. That is, until we brought her into a room full of super adorable puppies and watched her resolve melt into a puddle in front of our very eyes.

We gave Benoist a simple challenge: answer as many "Supergirl" trivia questions as you can in 60 seconds without getting distracted by a horde of super puppies. As it turns out, when it comes to weaknesses, puppies are the 27-year-old's only true Kryptonite.

Watch the adorable insanity unfold below:

Here's the official play-by-play of what really went down:

  • At first, Supergirl was all like, "Challenge accepted."
  • But when the first puppy attacked, it was instantly clear she was in for the fight of her life.
  • "Look at their cute faces!" she literally cried.
  • That's when she decided to give into her vices and hold one -- the Chosen One.
  • Unknowingly, this Chosen One was her puppy doppelgänger from Earth Two.
  • "I can't... take... the... cuteness!" she screamed.
  • It was over. The puppies had won. Supergirl reveled in her defeat.

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