Cooper Neill/Getty Images for dcp

Mama Swift Was A True Badass On Halloween At The 1989 Tour

She brought out a real-life Dalmatian at the Tampa show as part of her costume. #BOSS

Tampa, Florida -- In a night where Vance Joy played his opening set as pirate, Taylor Swift pulled off an Olaf costume and Swifties dressed as pretty much everything under the sun, the 1989 Tour in Tampa turned into one big costume contest. Except one woman completely shut it down.

Andrea Swift -- some of you may fondly call her Mama Swift -- strolled out onto the floor at Raymond James Stadium with a full-on Cruella de Vil get-up. It's ironic because the Disney character is a mean, old, vain witch, and Andrea is super sweet. But despite their character differences, Mama Swift played the part well.

As screams swelled around her, she not only draped herself in a black and white boa, but she had a real-life Dalmatian come out with her. All I can say about that is: "ANDREA IS A BOSS."

Mrs. Swift has become a celebrity in her own right at these shows. After all, she's the one that comes out and chooses which fans will meet Taylor backstage after the concert. We've never seen her like this, though -- strutting with pomp and the air of a true badass.

Taylor's dad Scott also decided to dress up for the Halloween-themed stop on the 1989 Tour, which also happens to be the last U.S. show on the tour. Scott was spotted wearing a Superman costume with abs that resembled some of Tay's dancers.

As for Taylor, she went as Olaf from "Frozen" with a whole army of reindeer trotting behind her as she walked the catwalk for "Style" in the ridiculous costume. Idina Menzel joined her dressed as Elsa, and during the show-closer, "Shake It Off," Taylors dancers tried out different masks (and scary contact lenses) for spooky effect.

But in the end, all hail Mama Swift. Winner of Halloween.