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James Corden Puts A Halloween Spin On Adele’s 'Hello'

Halloween from the other side.

All James Corden wants is to trick or treat with his buddy Billy Eichner like they used to back in the good old days.

In a new video from “The Late Late Show,” James calls up his old friend Billy on a comically oversized 1980s cell phone, only to hear that Billy’s outgrown trick or treating and won’t be coming along as the Han Solo to James’ Chewbacca.

Understandably, the rejection sends James into a bout of Adele-worthy melancholy as he flashes back to the good times they used to have scoring candy and TPing neighborhood houses.

Truly, the saddest breakup is the one where your Halloween partner in crime leaves you for greener pastures. Join in James’ sadness (and hear him hit those high notes) by watching the video below.