Shervin Lainez

Sun Club Are All Sunny Vibes On Debut Record The Dongo Durango

The Baltimore band talk positivity and peanut butter with MTV News.

With all the talk of goblins and ghouls this week, it’s easy to forget that there’s sunshine lurking just around the bend. That’s the vibe we’re getting from Baltimore band Sun Club, who chatted with MTV News about their brand new record, The Dongo Durango, out today (Oct. 30).

As evidenced in this Toronto session clip of single “Tropicoller Lease” -- an MTV News exclusive premiere -- Sun Club blend the sunny disposition of Vampire Weekend with the wonky weirdness of experimental bands like Animal Collective: think warped vocals, sing-a-long, stomping choruses, and anthemic highs and lows. Not to mention: a sense of humor.

MTV News: There's a really rich music scene in Baltimore with a lot of diverse bands. Can you explain how you've been influenced by that, and which bands you've been inspired by?

Sun Club: Yeah, a lot of bands here have been our main influences musically; lots of energy and creativity. Seeing wild shows around Maryland our whole lives has definitely inspired us to play and focus on our live show the most. There were a lot of small local bands that inspired us when we were younger that are now gone, but some bands that are really big also are big inspirations. Dan Deacon has been a huge inspiration to us because his shows are incredible and music is amazing. I [Shane] think the first time I really considered moving to Baltimore was after I went to a Dan Deacon show with Ed Schrader. Both bands blew my mind away and made me want to live in Baltimore rather that wherever else in the country we wanted to move to.

MTV News: Your music can sound heavy at times but is overall super bright. Your Bandcamp page states that you play "happy music." Where does this positivity stem from? Do you ever feel like getting super dark?

Sun Club: It’s super weird, we all get our positivity from different stuff. Some of us like it when it's warm and sunny, some like it when it's raining, Kory likes peanut butter. I guess that comes out in our music. We don't plan on getting like dark or anything, maybe if Kory runs out of peanut butter?

MTV News: What does The Dongo Durango mean? There's gotta be a good story there.

Sun Club: The phrase "The Dongo Durango" does not mean one thing but embodies many metaphoric and symbolic meanings. It's sort of like the good old F word: you can just place it anywhere you'd like in a sentence (verb, noun, advective). "Oh how have you been this week, William?" "You know, just been doing the old dongo durango, just hanging out." That's how we began using it and then it just became the album name.

The Dongo Durango is out now on ATO Records.