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Here's What Happens When You Give Someone The Silent Treatment And They Get Famous

Dear Lena Dunham's former crush: Ya burnt.

Throwback Thursday has definitely emerged as the hashtag tradition across all platforms of social media, and it's especially great because it gives celebs a weekly reason to reflect on their younger, pre-fame selves -- their days of BB cuteness, bad hair-slash-fashion, and/or that time they did X -- and prove to us all that, yes, even they are humans. (Except for Taylor Swift. She was a pregnant alien in her youth.)

For this week's installment of throwback gold, Lena Dunham shared with the world the bikini selfie that got her ignored by a former, unnamed crush.

According to the caption of the image, which she posted to her Instagram page on Friday (Oct. 30), she made her mother help take this pic of her lounging outside in a two-piece, hoping that it might catch the attention of a fella she was interested in.

Five years later, and she still hasn't gotten a reply, so instead of letting the pic chill out unappreciated in the archives, the body-positive "Girls" star decided to "live a little" and share it with her 2.1 million followers.

Lesson of the day? Cold shouldering someone is a bad idea because they might become famous and make you eat your heart out in front of millions of people.

And in other news, Lena Dunham remains the raddest chick ever. HERO.