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Goodbye For Now, One Direction: Look Back At 34 Of The Best Moments From 'On The Road Again'

Warning: you will laugh and probably cry.

October 31, 2015 will be a day that no Directioner will ever forget.

It marks One Direction's final concert (for now) before they take their well deserved break next year. The On The Road Again Tour had 80 stops, and for the past eight months, we've laughed, cried and sang along to every single word with Liam, Harry, Louis and Niall.

As 1D get ready to say goodbye (again, for now!) to their fans at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, England on Saturday, we're looking back at 34 of the most memorable, emotional and adorable moments from "On The Road Again."

  1. The night it all began.
  2. When Harry called out his childhood friend for stealing his GF.
  3. When Big Payno had all the right moves.
  4. For real.
  5. When they had water fights...
  6. And silly string fights.
  7. When Liam And Niall kissed.
  8. When Zayn was still on the tour....sad face.
  9. Their last performance as a fivesome... double sad face.
  10. When Harry tried to hit Zayn's high note on "Diana."
  11. When Liam And Louis stomped all over the Naughty Boy piñata.
  12. When Harry couldn't pronounce this fan's name.
  13. When Louis rocked those skinny jeans.
  14. When Liam worked that runway.
  15. When Harry had this epic fall on stage...
  16. And this one!
  17. When Liam got on the phone with a fan's mom.
  18. Shout-Out to the Directioner Dads.
  19. When a fan threw water On Niall's guitar... Yikes!
  20. When Harry stopped for a cookie break!
  21. When Harry made some grammar fixes on a sign.
  22. When Niall gave us this little jig.
  23. When Louis chased Liam with a fire extinguisher.
  24. When Harry busted out this "Single Ladies" dance.
  25. When Niall was feeling "22."
  26. When Harry thought he was a whale.
  27. Ouch, when Niall fractured his foot.
  28. When they covered the "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air."
  29. When Niall attempted a cartwheel.
  30. When Harry almost got hit by a banana.
  31. When things got a little emotional.
  32. When Louis blew this kiss and it was perfect.
  33. When They Performed "No Control" For The First Time.
  34. When all the dedicated Directioners came out each and every night!