Which 'Disneymania 5' Song Is The Best? We Ranked All 15

Let's go back... back to 2007.

Remember the days when the only thing you wanted to do was listen to "Disneymania" on repeat on your portable CD player? It was impossible to go anywhere without a "Disneymania" cover stuck in your head. Thanks to the glory of the internet, we can listen to each and every "Disneymania" track on repeat. But when it comes to the complete "Disneymania" collection, one disc stands above them all as the best Disney cover album of all time: "Disneymania 5."

Miley Cyrus! The Jonas Brothers! Ashley Tisdale! Vanessa Hudgens! "Disneymania 5," released in 2007, assembled our very own Disney Channel Avengers. The tracks united our fave Disney Channel stars with some of the most beloved Disney songs, and the end result was noting short of magical. So naturally, we decided to rank every song on our favorite Disney cover album, and it was a lot harder than it sounds. Take a look:

  1. "The Second Star to the Right" by T-Squad

    To be fair, T-Squad completely reinvents this "Peter Pan" classic into a pop/hip-hop jam, which is kind of the point of "Disneymania." But our major issue with this track is the opening: "T-Squad's in your area, bringing you 'The Second Star to the Right,' not the first, the second." NOT THE FIRST. NO. (If you're looking for a different version of this Disney tune, Jesse McCartney's cover of "The Second Star to the Right" on "Disneymania 2" was total fuego.)

  2. "Two Worlds" by Corbin Bleu

    There are few things we hold dear in this world, but the "Tarzan" soundtrack is one of them. Phil Collins is a genius. So, poor Corbin Bleu was already fighting a losing battle by covering "Two Worlds." Listen, Bleu sounds great on this track, but the production is not our favorite. It's way overproduced. Sometimes, you need to trust your heart, let fate decide, and scale back on the Auto-Tune.

  3. "The Siamese Cat Song" by B5

    B5 put a new spin on "The Siamese Cat Song" while keeping some of its original flavor intact, which isn't easy. That being said, this "Lady and the Tramp" song is never going to be a jam. How many times can you honestly listen to two cats sing, "We are Siameeeese?"

  4. "True to Your Heart" by Keke Palmer

    It's a cute song, and young Keke Palmer sounds great! But "True to Your Heart" fails to stand out among the tracks on the album. It's the kind of song you listen to once and then skip the next 99 times.

  5. "Cruella de Vil" by Hayden Panettiere

    Well, this is fun. "Cruella de Vil" is one of those songs that you don't think you want to listen to until you find yourself singing along to it in the privacy of your own room because it's just so damn catchy. Hayden Panettiere crushes this jazz-pop version of the classic "101 Dalmatians" villain song.

  6. "Colors of the Wind" Vanessa Hudgens

    Baby V stays (mostly) true to the original with this take on "Colors of the Wind," and while it ins't nearly as iconic as "Sneakernight," it's a'ight. Homegirl can EMOTE. We'll give her that.

  7. "Find Yourself" by Drew Seeley

    Wait, "Cars" had a song? Drew Seeley will always be known as the guy who literally gave Zac Efron his voice in "High School Musical." And while, yes, his voice sounds very lovely on this sappy song, that doesn't stop us from closing our eyes whenever we listen to it and imagining Zefron is the one signing.

  8. "Reflection" by Everlife

    Yaaasssss Everlife, yaaasssss. There's no way the pop-rock trio could have ever competed with Christina Aguilera's version of this Golden Globe-nominated song, so they gave it an entirely new spin -- and we are not mad at it.

  9. "Part of Your World" by Miley Cyrus

    Two words: TOO FAST. Miley Cyrus sings this song like she had just eaten a dozen Fun Dips. She slays it, obviously, but it could have been better had she just slowed the tempo down a bit. Still, there's no denying that Miley Cyrus was the Princess Ariel of the OG Disney Channel squad.

  10. "Let's Get Together" by The Go-Go's

    OK, this is honestly the #TBT song on the track listing, but it really does ring our bell. The song, from the original 1961 version of "The Parent Trap," is a total classic, and getting The Go-Go's to put their pop-rock spin on it was a genius move from the House of Mouse. Out of all the songs on "Disneymania 5," this is the song that you'd find your parents jamming to in the front seat of the car.

  11. "So This Is Love" by The Cheetah Girls

    Chanel, Dorinda and Aqua -- sans Raven-Symone's Galleria -- got the Cheetah Girls back together for a gorgeous cover of "So This Is Love" from "Cinderella." Naturally, they slay on this beloved ballad. Their vocals and harmonies deserve 140 characters worth of flame emojis. (Galleria, who?!) Adrienne Bailon also recorded the second verse in Spanish, which is, quite literally, music to our ears.

  12. "I Wan'na Be Like You" by Jonas Brothers

    Nick Jonas > Joe Jonas on this track only because of the way he sings "Oh, oobee doo" on the chorus. Anyway, this is the song that gets everyone dancing, which is just one of the many reasons we love this "Jungle Book" cover. The other many being Nick Jonaas.

  13. "Kiss the Girl" by Ashley Tisdale

    Ashley Tisdale's "Kiss the Girl" might be the single most iconic song in the entire "Disneymania" catalog of music. IT'S JUST SO GOOD. Not only does The Tis crush the vocals on this track, but she also manages to make the song sound both new and familiar at the same time. Sebastian would be proud.

  14. "Go the Distance" by Lucas Grabeel

    It's a shame "High School Musical" never gave Ryan more solos because Lucas Grabeel has the voice of a literal angel, er, god? Grabeel's vocal performance on "Go the Distance" is emotional, warm and melodic. It's absolutely perfect.

  15. "When She Loved Me" by Jordan Pruitt

    You could say that we gave "When She Loved Me" the top spot because it's one of the saddest songs in the history of the universe, but that's not entirely correct. Yes, the "Toy Story 2" song is pretty great, but it's Jordan Pruitt's voice that sends shivers down our spines.