Kate Upton Always LOLs After She Says Something Mean

Thank you ma'am, may we have another!

Kate Upton is the master of the smackdown-with-a-smile.

The model and actress was a guest on "The Tonight Show" yesterday (Oct. 29), where she revealed both her not-so-secret love of trash-talking and her semi-secret strategy for doing it at will: After you've unleashed hell on someone, add a cheeky grin or a "LOL" to soften the blow of your incredible meanness.

Related: Apparently, being friends with Kate Upton means accepting that you're going to be receiving profanity-laden, insulting text messages basically all the time.

Anyway, we're not actually sure how well this tactic works if you don't also happen to be a beautiful blonde lingerie model with the face of an angel, but it obviously works for her.