Lane Savage/Comedy Central

Abbi and Ilana From 'Broad City' Accidentally Picked Matching Halloween Costumes

They're opting for 'cozy,' not 'slutty,' this year.

There's an annoying, intrinsic problem that all women face every Halloween. On the one hand, society's telling them to make every costume -- even the most kid-friendly farm animal or Disney princess -- as sexed-up as possible. But on the other hand... what's wrong with just wearing flats and calling it a day?

That's the debate Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer had on this week's "Hack Into Broad City" web episode, during which their "Broad City" alter egos have a predictably hilarious and candid convo via Skype. They admit the struggle is TOO REAL for Halloween-loving New Yorkers who don't want to freeze to death in itty bitty costumes, which is why they decided, as Ilana puts it, "Maybe we just don’t need Halloween to express our sluttiness at all."

Instead, they opted for conservative but comfy costumes... and in true BFFness, they unknowingly picked the same exact outfit. Check it out:

While Abbi assumes the badassness of Notorious RBG (that's Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, duh), Ilana opts for the infamous Judge Judy. Our verdict: YAAAAAS QUEEN! Because it's all about being cozy, staying warm and avoiding heels AT ALL COSTS.

"Broad City" returns to Comedy Central for its third season in February. Until then, this web series is doing a stand-up job of giving us our necessary Abbi and Ilana fix.