'Faking It' Finale: Is This Really The End Of Karmy?

Split a croquembouche and talk it out, ladies -- we need you!

BFFs Karma and Amy had their biggest and most personal fight yet during the "Faking It" season finale, but can Karmy recover from the difficult disagreement and repair their fractured friendship?

The duo's relationship began to reach such a heart-wrenching point after last week's big make-out session, when Amy was left scratching her head trying to figure out if Karma actually had feelings for her or if the lip-lock was just a party-fueled cry for attention. K herself was no help in solving that mystery: While she did remember plenty of hijinks and drama from the big bash, she woke up with no memory of the smooch -- that is, until Liam spilled the beans. And as soon as she heard the truth, Karma found Amy to discuss their pool PDA.

"I am the worst best friend ever," she blurted out. "I am so, so sorry. You were there for me when I was spinning out, and I go and I do the worst thing I could possibly do. I wish I could take it back -- I don't know what I was thinking."

K went on to promise A that the upcoming school break would be the "Summer of Karma and Amy," aka three months of non-stop togetherness for the girls. But Amy wasn't on the same page as Karma and was fearful that she would never get over her close pal if they spent this much time together. After some serious thinking -- plus some meaningful advice from her ex-girlfriend Reagan -- Amy decided to leave town without informing Karma. But K caught her BFF at the last moment to try and stop her from leaving Austin.

"I know, I messed up...but we can't let that kiss ruin everything. I mean, this is our chance to get back on track," begged K.

But an emotional Amy admitted that she didn't want to "get back on track" because it "is just a loop that runs straight through my heart." And despite K's tearful urging, Amy put herself first -- and hit the road. Anyone else feeling a bit downtrodden after watching that tense interaction unfold?

There's no denying the pals have come a long way since that first lip lock in front of the school body -- and plenty of admissions throughout their faux lesbian scheme -- but we have to wonder where they will go from this emotional scene. Did Amy make the best decision taking a break and not listening to Karma's pleas? It will no doubt affect their unique bond, but could this be the beginning of the end for the once-inseparable pair? And when and if the duo reconnect, will their friendship ever be the same after they take this hiatus?

Let us know whether or not you think the Karmy summer separation will be beneficial or harmful in the comments -- and be sure to stay tuned to MTV News for updates about upcoming episodes of “Faking It”!