10 Ways To Secretly Use ‘Star Wars’ Quotes IRL

It's easier than you think!

"STAR WARS" takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... but you can totally apply all the awesome life lessons you learned in the OG trilogy, the prequels, and in the new trailers for "The Force Awakens" to your everyday life. Okay, maybe not the ones about lightsabers and moving objects with your mind so much, but trust us -- there's more to these iconic movies than the sci-fi action setting.

For those of you who love to declare your "STAR WARS" love in public for the whole world to see, COVERGIRL has teamed up with "STAR WARS" to create 10x limited edition mascaras, each with an iconic STAR WARS quote featured on them. But while the perfect makeup will definitely help in your quest, you can "STAR WARS"-ify your life even more by slipping those same quotes into everyday conversation:

  1. "Luminous beings are we."

    When you and your besties are trying out different kinds of makeup, naturally. Nothin' more luminous than shimmery eyeshadow, right?

  2. "Indeed, you are powerful."

    Is your BFF exceptionally good at drawing the most perfect, sharp winged eyeliner? Let her know that you appreciate her might and skill by uttering this simple phrase.

  3. "There has been an awakening..."

    A perfect quote to start the day, especially when you're announcing to your mom that you're getting ready for school already and she can stop trying to yell you awake from downstairs.

  4. "You're my only hope."

    Say this when you want something from somebody -- like a piggyback from your bestie when your feet are too tired, for example.

  5. "I feel the good in you."

    When your friend is confiding in you about something they messed up, this is a really great way to remind them how special they are.

  6. "I will finish what you started."

    Does your friend need help polishing the nails on her other hand in the middle of manicure session? That's what you're here for.

  7. "You will meet your destiny"

    This one's perfect to use when you're about to trounce your opponent in soccer, tennis, lacrosse -- heck, even the debate team. It'll work for anything, basically.

  8. "Immune to the light"

    Trying to explain to someone why the glow of your cellphone or computer screen doesn't bother your eyes while you're sitting there watching makeup tutorials?? Just tell 'em you're "immune to the light." Works every time.

  9. "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    Attempting something scary for the first time, even if it's just putting on a bold new eyeshadow? Repeat this mantra to yourself (or to your nervous buddies!) to get yourself over the jitters.

  10. "May the force be with you."

    Okay, this is such an iconic "STAR WARS" quote that it's gonna be tough to sneak it by in regular conversation without somebody recognizing it -- but it's perfect in almost any situation. As a greeting! As a farewell! When you want someone to succeed in life! When you're meditating to yourself!

Want more ways to secretly rep your "STAR WARS" fandom without the world knowing? COVERGIRL's got a new line of limited-edition "Star Wars" mascaras, each with one of these iconic lines of dialogue featured on them that's perfect for letting your geek flag fly. Collect all of them and rule the galaxy with your perfectly on-point eyelashes!

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