Quidditch, Bees And Tiny Houses: 12 Bizarre Netflix Documentaries You Must Watch Now

Stranger than fiction.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and any time spent watching the fascinating, recently released documentary "Finders Keepers" proves it. "Finders Keepers" follows the story of an amputated leg and the ensuing custody battle. Yes, it's just as strange as it sounds. It also manages to explore the ideas of fame, addiction and ownership, all through the bizarre lens of that detached limb.

"Finders Keepers" isn't streaming quite yet, but there are plenty of other bizarre and satisfying documentaries to surprise you (not to mention beef up your trivia knowledge and emergency small talk tactics) streaming on Netflix right now. Here are 11 suggestions to get you started.

  1. "The Search For General Tso"

    Ever wondered who the hell General Tso actually is when you're throwing back your strangely orange takeout? Now you will.

  2. "The Queen of Versailles"

    Meet the Siegels, a family building the biggest house in America. Midway through construction, the economy crashes and the Siegels lose everything, turning their lives into a self-described riches-to-rags story. It's hilarious and uncomfortable, and you almost can't believe it's true.

  3. "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"

    Get ready to zen the hell out to the enthralling story of Japan's most famous sushi chef, who's been at it for decades. Challenge: watch without subtitles and just let your mouth water.

  4. "Advanced Style"

    "I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great," says one subject in this documentary about aging style bloggers. It'll make you want to dress better and master your own ~aesthetic~.

  5. "UnHung Hero"

    This guy got dumped while proposing on Jumbotron, and he was later told that it was because he has a small penis. Watch as he explores the wild world of penis enlargement through pumps, pills and more, and examines whether size really does matter.

  6. "Tiny"

    When someone tells you to "live small," usually you don't think of building an itty bitty house. Guess what "living small" means in this doc.

  7. "I Am Santa Claus"

    What does Santa do the rest of the year? It's just about time you found out.

  8. "Desert Runners"

    If you think you should only run when chased, you'll think these people who want to run 1,000km in the desert are bonkers. But it's a riveting story, even if you've never run a block in your life.

  9. "Superheroes"

    Everyday people perform great acts while wearing fabulous outfits, leading you to wonder whether we're all actually superheroes deep down inside.

  10. "Waste Land"

    One man's trash is another man's treasure, and yet another man's work of art, as this 2010 documentary shows. You'd never think that so much junk could be turned into something so beautiful.

  11. "More Than Honey"

    Bees are doing way, way more than you realized, as it turns out. (Alternatively, if you just can't get enough of bees, you can also watch "Vanishing of the Bees.")

  12. "Mudbloods"

    Muggles, rejoice. Even if the brooms don't actually fly, there's no denying that these hardcore college Quidditch players are real athletes. By the end of the movie, you'll be looking for a team of your own to join.