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Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Had A Lot To Say On A 3-Hour Phone Call

They're doing 'really, really well.'

Now more than a year removed from the initial news that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were going their separate ways, it looks like the two are in a positive space.

In August, Amber and their son, Sebastian, headed out to see Wiz live on tour, and then earlier this month, both Amber and Wiz posted pics online with the other.

"[We're doing] really, really well," Amber told Hot 97 this week. "We were on the phone for like three hours last night, just laughing about me cursing out his friend. It was awesome."

If you're sitting there a little confused about why that would have happened, it sounds like it was pretty simple: "'Cause I don't like him," she said, referencing Wiz's friend.

But that's not where she's at with her ex: "[We're] really, really good."

Despite some tension in the past -- Amber opened up at her SlutWalk about a hurtful lyric Wiz rapped, which he later apologized for -- it sounds like there's a mutual respect now.

"I would never say anything about -- it's always hard for me to say Wiz, 'cause his name is Cameron -- Wiz to my son," she said when asked about co-parenting Sebastian. "I would never say anything negative. And he wouldn't, either. And now we're just really on a good page together. We're learning how to be friends."