Candy Corn Vindicated! Another Sugary Treat Has Been Voted The Worst Candy

Two of the five candies on this list aren't even technically candy...

A quick Google search of a classic Halloween treat -- candy corn -- will reveal that it's America's most divisive candy, with a lot of folks calling it the worst (strongly disagree.) However, a recent poll has absolved the tri-color treat of worst candy status.

Yahoo Food conducted a survey on Halloween candy and trick-or-treating and they found out that 16% said they’ll give out healthy snacks on Halloween (boo) and that 21% of us love peanut butter cups, making it the most popular Halloween candy. In addition, they found out what the most hated candy is: licorice.

"You really hate licorice. Like, a lot," Yahoo Food said on their results post. "Eighteen percent of respondents turn their nose up at the candy (both red and black varieties), although both candy corn and raisins garnered their fair share of dislike with 13 percent of voters saying they couldn’t stand either."

Okay -- first, raisins are not a candy, everyone. Second! Twizzlers are licorice -- the company even says so in their tagline. Are we to believe that the most hated candy includes Twizzlers?! Is this to be held as truth? When this tasty strawberry stick made $158 million last year alone? We find that highly unlikely.

Also -- candy corn rocks. ?

For more sweet facts on our Halloween habits, check out Yahoo Food.