We're Imagining 10 Modern 'Daria' Takes On Our 'Sick, Sad World'

Don't touch that dial!

Why deny it -- we miss "Daria" and her accompanying cynical circle terribly. However, if there's one show we need to tackle the issues of 2015...it's actually "Sick, Sad World."

From important PSAs about "rats on Ritalin" to informative exposés asking "Are fish using our oceans as their own private toilet?", nobody really spoke about the issues of the time quite like our favorite little tabloid TV installment featured on the timeless MTV program.

Though we can't know for sure what the Pulitzer-prize deserving journalists at "Sick, Sad World" would report on this year, we took some time to imagine what it might look like. Check out our very sick, very sad creations below:

  1. Snapchat

    We have a feeling Jane Lane's Snap Stories would be gorgeous and very confusing.

  2. Girl Squads

    If only Brittany had the chance to find a kindred spirit in Taylor Swift.

  3. Drones

    Oh God, think of what Principal Lee could have accomplished with an army of drones.

  4. Fitness Trackers

    Do not give Mr. Morgendorffer a way to track anything. He will not be able to handle the stress of meeting a step goal.

  5. Hipsters

    Hipsters think Daria would love them, but we all know she'd rip their adorkable culture to shreds.

  6. Crowd-funding

    Mystic Spiral would have had a very disappointing run on GoFundMe.

  7. Tinder

    Upchuck would have hacked Tinder a long, long, long time ago.

  8. Podcasts

    We actually think Jodie would have had an incredibly engaging podcast about local politics.

  9. The App Store

    Quinn + Candy Crush = Helen in debt negations.

  10. Twitter

    If there's anything Daria's particular brand of one liners would have excelled at, it's Twitter.

Can you think of any modern topics you'd have like to see the addressed on the show-within-a-show? Let us know in the comments section -- and share your favorite real "Sick, Sad World" segments too!