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A History Of Hip-Hop's Obsession With Adele

Rick Ross' remix is only the latest example.

Adele's comeback, which began last week with the release of "Hello," wouldn't have been complete without hip-hop adding its own twist to the track.

OK, maybe that's not true.

Still, on Thursday morning (Oct. 29), when Rick Ross released his remix of the track, he joined a long line of rappers who have showed off their affinity for the talented Brit.

Ricky is far from the only one who's taken an Adele jam and tried to make it his own. Let's take a look back at all the other times rapper have sampled her music or put it out into the universe (to no avail as of yet) that they'd love to work with her.

  • Lil Wayne flipped "Rolling in the Deep" for his Sorry 4 the Wait title track.
  • MGK sampled "Chasing Pavements" on his song of the same name.
  • Childish Gambino turned "Melt My Heart to Stone" into fan-favorite "Do Ya Like."
  • Logic took that and made his own "Do Ya Like."
  • Chinx and French Montana flipped the same song for "Had It All."
  • Big K.R.I.T. sampled "Hometown Glory" on "Hometown Hero."
  • Big Sean did the same for "Hometown."
  • So did Lil B on "Realist Alive."
  • And French Montana and Chinx on "Home Town."
  • Then French Montana and Chinx flipped "Set Fire to the Rain" for "100."
  • Logic was back at it on "The End," sampling "Skyfall."
  • Tyga sampled "Someone Like You" for "Reminded."
  • Jay Z reportedly wants to work with her.
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    "He's keen to work with her, whether it's producing or writing together," the London Evening Standard reported in 2012. "She was a huge hit in the States and he believes they could make a massive record together."

  • So does Big Sean.
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    “I really want to work with Adele, I think she’s, like, great,” he said in 2011. “She never compromises her sound for anything. She reminds me of Motown soul music, and its straight number-one, her voice is unmatched. She makes the type of music people sample, and that’s the best music ever.”

  • And Pusha T.
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    "I would like to do [a record with] myself and Adele," he told MTV in 2013. "I feel like I could get Kanye to do the track of all tracks and I could get Adele to sing the soul of all soul on one of my most introspective records ever, that would be it."

  • And DMX.
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    [I want to work with] “Sade and Adele,” he told in 2012.

  • And Mike Will Made It.
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    "I want to work with Miley again," he told Rolling Stone in 2013. "I want to have Future on there, even people like Adele and R. Kelly and Lady Gaga.

  • And Big K.R.I.T.
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    "I want to do an original song with Adele," Krizzle told MTV in 2012, referencing a desire to go beyond sampling her, which he has already done.

  • And Trinidad James.
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    "I take pride in my music," he told Village Voice after a show in New York a few years back. "It's good music. For New York to like it was a blessing. Just shows me people get it. Which is good because I want to make songs with Adele eventually."