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'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2': Matthew McConaughey Almost Played The Villain -- But Who?

Alright, alright, alright!

If the sequel to "Guardians Of The Galaxy" is anything like the original, it's going to knock us out of the park with alien antics and groovy one hit wonders. But right now it's shrouded in mystery, as we know almost nothing about what to expect save for the movie's title -- "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2" -- and that it's going to give us a lot of dad feelings. Even last night's news, that "Oldboy" actress Pom Klementieff would be joining the cast, leaves us with more questions than answers. Who's she playing? What's going to happen?

But even stranger is the casting news that didn't come to pass -- namely that Matthew McConaughey passed on the role of the movie's villain. He first revealed that he'd been reading scripts for an undisclosed Marvel project (and from Warner Bros. for DC properties, too!) back in May, but didn't tell what those scripts were for. Now we know, at least on the Marvel side, that he could have been playing a cosmically-powerful bad guy.

But which bad guy? We still have no idea because of the whole "shrouded in mystery" thing, but knowing that McConaughey was up for the part certainly helps us speculate about who he could be:

  • Grandmaster
    Marvel Comics

    A character from the comics, the Grandmaster is a godlike member of the oldest species in the universe. He's also obsessed with chance and skill, and does this thing where he challenges teams of champions to fight against each other for his amusement. Let's be honest, the whole "being obsessed with gambling" thing seems like something right up McConaughey's alley. Remember "Two For The Money?" It'd be like that, except he'd have been painted blue.

  • The Magus (and Adam Warlock)
    Marvel Comics

    Okay bear with me, because things are gonna get weird. In the comics, Adam Warlock is an artificially-created human from space who becomes a hero thanks to the powers of the Soul Gem. He teams up with the Guardians to battle a religious empire known as the The Universal Church of Truth, which is governed by an evil future version of Warlock called Magus.

    Marvel would definitely have to pare down that storyline a lot in order to bring it to the big screen, but the idea of McConaughey as a charismatic, manipulative space pope is super interesting. Maybe he could just be Magus, without all the time-traveling weirdness?

  • Kang The Conquerer
    Marvel Comics

    Rumors abound that the newly-cast Klementieff might be playing Mantis, who is basically the "Celestial Madonna" of an alien race and is destined to give birth to their Messiah. Of course, this attracts all kinds of unwanted attention, including an evil time-traveling super villain named Kang who seeks Mantis as his mate. (Also he's a distant relative of Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four and he hates the Avengers a bunch, but that's neither here nor there. Comics!)

    This version of Kang (yeah there are a LOT of Kangs, don't worry about it) is also deep undercover as a guy named Fred, which would sort of be perfect for McConaughey if you ask me. Sure, he starts off all charming and romantic and then all of a sudden he's actually from the future and he's kidnapping you!

  • Star-Lord's Dad

    He is a being of pure light, after all, just like his mom said. And he's not the same as the comics version of Peter Quill's father according to director James Gunn, so he could be anybody. He could be evil! I mean, who else hires someone to kidnap their estranged 12 year old son and then never actually follows up on them?

  • Ego, The Living Planet
    Marvel Comics

    Ego is... well, what it says on the tin. He's a planet and he tries to take over other planets. No reason why McConaughey would ever play a character like this except why wouldn't he tho?? If Bradley Cooper can be a raccoon and Vin Diesel can be a tree, McConaughey can be a whole planet. It's only fair.