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Emma Stone Breaks Down The Sexist Nicknames That Drive Her Crazy

... And offers up some valuable replacements!

Have you ever taken a look at popular, Academy Award-nominated actor Emma Stone and thought, "Gee, I'd really like to infantilize her by calling her 'honey' and 'baby' if ever we met?" Because don't, bro.

Stone recently visited Lena Dunham's Women of the Hour podcast -- a segment of which is available on iTunes now -- to let the world know that referring to women you know who are not your spouse/child/pet as the H-word or the B-word is just not OK. However, Stone did offer a generous supply of replacement nicknames, so in case you ever witness the Stone-ster in person, here's what she'd like you to say:

  • "Pal"
  • "Bud"
  • "Bucko"

    "I want people to call me bucko so much."

  • "Dude"

    "It's one of the only words in the American version of the English language that can mean anything!"

  • "Doc"

    "Actually, any of the Seven Dwarfs... not Dopey. Don't say Dopey."

  • "Em"

    "Anyone can call me 'Em.' That feels great. That feels personal, and lovely. And you don't have to say 'sweetheart!' You can just say Em."

  • "Lady"

    "Female-to-female, lady is the thing I think I probably use most."

  • "Dragon"

    "That's a hell of a name... cultivate nicknames, and your life is different."

Thanks, dragons!