Teen Assaulted By Police At Spring Valley High May Have Been Living In Foster Care

Her foster mother reportedly said the teen is 'devastated and emotionally traumatized.'

Update, Oct. 30, 2015: The Daily News reported on Wednesday (Oct. 28) that the South Carolina teen who was thrown across a classroom by a police officer was a "recent orphan" and in foster care. However an interview with Todd Rutherford, the girl's attorney, on The Joe Madison Show, revealed that Rutherford has talked with the girl's mother and grandmother since the incident and that both are, in fact, alive. He chose not to comment on whether she was actually in foster care.

The South Carolina teen who was thrown across a classroom by a police officer may have just begun living in a foster home, according to areport from the Daily News.

The Daily News report also states that the teen's foster mother communicated to the media outlet "that the young victim is devastated and emotionally traumatized by all that has happened to her."

"School, as you can imagine, could be particularly tough for a young girl who has experienced so much pain and loss in her young life," the Daily News goes on to state. "For this young girl, Spring Valley High School should've been a refuge. Instead, it was something far worse."