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Finally, Here’s Justin Bieber’s Complete Purpose Tracklist — Spray-Painted All Over The World

Graffiti artwork for Purpose is popping up on different continents.

Justin Bieber has slowly but surely given us everything we need until his Purpose album comes out on Nov. 13 -- including some pretty artwork to ramp up our excitement even more.

On Wednesday (Oct. 28), Justin began tweeting out the album's tracklist via photos of graffiti from literally all over the world. He began by revealing the first six tracks (with artwork in Sydney, London, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo and Berlin), and then took an hours-long break before resuming with the rest of the tracklist, with art from cities in the U.S. and Canada.

  1. "Mark My Words"
  2. "I'll Show You"
  3. By Lapin.

  4. "Love Yourself"
  5. "Company"

    By Yard 5.

  6. "No Pressure" ft. Big Sean

    By Gorey

  7. "No Sense" ft. Travi$ Scott
  8. "The Feeling" ft. Halsey

    By Arek

  9. "Life Is Worth Living"
  10. By Kem5 & Deme5

  11. "Children" ft. Skrillex

    By Abstrk

  12. "Purpose"
  13. "Been You"
  14. "Get Used To Me"

    By Merlot

  15. "We Are" ft. Nas

    By RPES

  16. "Trust"
  17. "All In It"

JB finished up his Instagram spree by reposting a pic of his album artwork and writing, "#purposealbum available for preorder now :) #nov13 find the murals in those cities. Thanks to all the artists who stepped up."

In the process, Justin confirmed several collaborations we knew were coming, thanks to Purpose's credits (made available when the album went up for presale), including features from Nas, Travi$ Scott and Big Sean. Halsey also revealed on Tuesday that she'll be on the song "The Feeling."

Purpose drops Nov. 13. Until then, rest easy -- Charlie Puth, for one, assures us that the song "Company" is gonna be worth the wait. So at least we have that to hold us over.