13 Super Dramatic GIFs From JoJo's New 'Say Love' Music Video

By Paige Gawley

Guys, JoJo's new music video is out, and it should be the newest addition to your rainy day playlist.

JoJo released a tringle (three singles) earlier this year, her first new music in a decade, and, no shock here, it was amazing. On Tuesday (Oct. 28), JoJo continued gifting us with wonderful things with the release of her second music video out of the tringle.

The first music video for the song "When Love Hurts" was upbeat and sassy and great, but the newly released video for "Say Love" is a power ballad full of angst and belting that reminds you why you fell in love with JoJo in the first place.

The video was so perfect that we felt the need to turn its most dramatic moments into gifs, because of course we did.

  1. We see a man standing in the rain holding an umbrella through a rain soaked window. Isn't he wet? Isn't he cold? Why isn't he inside?!
  2. Looking down on what is essentially her kingdom, JoJo sings with all kinds off sass to the man holding his umbrella while standing in the rain.
  3. Next, naturally, JoJo stands in the middle of a weirdly deserted road and ~dramatically~ touches her arm while deep in thought.
  4. JoJo's eyes hit the rear view mirror and we are awarded with the most perfect winged eye liner, like, ever.
  5. The man, unsurprisingly, drives a motorcycle. As he passes JoJo's car in slow motion you can practically feel the tension radiating off of them.
  6. Ohh the tension is intensifying with some super scary glares.
  7. Obviously JoJo goes to a field to stomp and scream because that's how I handle my angst too.
  8. Aw a tender moment (finally!)
  9. More screaming, more crying, and the guy looks very confused.
  10. He kisses her hands! He feels bad!
  11. They're holding hands and look like they want to fight for each other. They should, they're beautiful together.
  12. He kisses her neck and we get to see a full shot of his glorious man bun.
  13. She looks up. What does that look mean?! Are they together?! We have to know!

Dramatic, right?! Watch the full video below for even more intense moments!