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The Latest ‘Captain Underpants’ Book Has A Gay Character – So This School Banned It

The superintendent of the school says he backs the decision.

For many of us, the "Captain Underpants" series is a sacred text in the library of our childhoods. But recently, the latest book in the series has gotten some pushback from the Monroe Public School District in Michigan, because it features a gay character.

WXYZ reports that "'Captain Underpants and the Sensational Sag of Sir Stinks-A-Lot' is the 12th novel in author Dav Pilkey’s series," and that Pilkey, "recently announced that a main character in the book is gay."

Dr. Barry Martin, superintendent of Monroe Public Schools, told WXYZ that the school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) decided to ban the book from the upcoming book fair at Arborwood Elementary School. "Scholastic notified us and the school that there was a book that may be a little controversial," he said.

In the book, it's revealed that Harold, one of the main characters, has a husband when he gets older. It was lauded by fans of the series.

While other "Captain Underpants" books will be available for purchase at the fair, this one will only be available online. "Most of the kids come in and they buy books and the parents aren’t part of the selection," said Martin. "In this case, we felt it was necessary that if this book was going to be purchased, the parent needed to be involved in that."

Some online have defended the book in the wake of the controversy.

Martin added that he "support[ed] the decision of the parent group and the [Arborwood Elementary School] principal."

Update 10/28: In a statement to MTV News, Dr. Barry Martin said, "Roughly 90 percent or more of book purchases made at the popular book sale are made by students who go to the sale with their classroom and teacher. We felt it was prudent that parents should decide if this particular installment was suitable for their child. As of today (Oct. 28) no parents have expressed any concerns about the book’s availability and no public comments were received at last night’s (Oct. 27) school board meeting."