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21 Times Caroline Forbes Was The MVP Of 'The Vampire Diaries'

From Miss Mystic Falls to Vampire Barbie, Caroline has come a long way.

No other character on "The Vampire Diaries" has made as monumental a transformation than Caroline Forbes (Candice King). In seven seasons, Caroline went from a shallow mean girl obsessed with being the best to an ass-kicking Vampire Barbie who can hold her own in the supernatural world.

With Nina Dobrev's Elena Gilbert in The Deep Sleep, Caroline has become the glue that holds this show together. We know we have a tendency to use hyperbolic statements here at MTV News, but Care is honestly THE BEST. Need proof? Here are 21 times Caroline was the best thing to ever happen to "TVD":

  1. When she showed just how crazy she could be.

    In the "TVD" pilot, we get a pretty good sense of Caroline's somewhat crazy, very neurotic tendencies when she tells Bonnie all about the new kid in town: Stefan Salvatore. "His name is Stefan Salvatore. He lives with his uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house. He hasn't lived here since he was a kid. Military family, so they moved around a lot. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue." And that was just the intel she collected "between third and fourth period." When Bonnie questioned her motives, Care sarcastically replied, "We’re planning a June wedding." We can't knock the girl's hustle.

  2. When she asked Damon why he doesn't sparkle.

    Once Damon arrived in Mystic Falls, Caroline set her sights on Stefan's older, more mysterious brother. And in return, he set his sights on her -- for purely superficial, blood-sucking reasons. In the episode "Family Ties," when Caroline found out Damon was a vampire, she asked him, "Hey, how come you don’t sparkle?" That was the moment we fell in love with Caroline and never looked back.

  3. When she kissed Matt Donovan.

    There was something so innocent about Caroline and Matt's relationship. This was the first time we got to see Caroline actually in love, and it was surprisingly sweet.

  4. When she was turned into a vampire.

    Caroline didn't have a whole lot to do in Season 1, but when Katherine Pierce "killed" her in the season finale with Damon's vampire blood in her system and turned her into a vampire, her character was totally revamped (pun intended). Not only was the twist unexpected, but it also made Caroline a character that "TVD" wanted to root for.

  5. When she totally freaked out and killed someone for the first time.

    Perhaps even more unexpected was her friendship with Stefan that would blossom from her undead state. Like most newly turned vampires, Caroline lost her chill after her first kill. Damon wanted to kill her, but Stefan, being the hero, wiped the blood off her neurotic, scared face and offered some vampire-ry words of wisdom: "I promise you I will not let anything happen to you." Even from day one, Stefan and Caroline were making us cry.

  6. When she went bunny hunting with Stefan.

    "Now you want me to eat bunnies and I'm kinda freaking out, OK?" Same, Caroline. Same. If vampirism truly amplifies one's defining qualities, then it only made Caroline more witty and amazing.

  7. When Caroline confronted Damon at the carnival.
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    Another side effect of vampirism? Remembering all of the things you were compelled to forget as a human. When Caroline became a vampire at the beginning of Season 2, she remembered everything Damon did to her as a human. Needless to say, when she confronted him at the Mystic Falls carnival that night to deliver Katherine's message, we were 100 percent #TeamCaroline.

  8. When she saved Elena from Mason Lockwood.

    The Salvatores weren't the only ones fighting to keep Elena away from harm. When a new threat came to town in the form of Tyler's uncle, Mason Lockwood, it was Caroline who stepped up to protect her best friend -- and she totally kicked his butt. Werewolf strength has nothing on Caroline Forbes, especially when her bestie is in danger.

  9. When she compelled her mom to forget.

    When Liz first discovered her daughter’s secret in Season 2, she wasn’t exactly on board with the whole vampire thing. She had dreams for her daughter that didn't include growing fangs and feasting on people. But regardless of her prejudices, after seeing how being a vampire had made Caroline a stronger person (undead or not), Liz finally accepted Caroline. She promised she would keep her secret. But Caroline knew she couldn’t put her friends in danger like that, and so she compelled her mother to forget -- and we quietly wept.

  10. When she sang "Eternal Flame" for Matt.

    Who said ugly-cry moments have to be sad? This Season 2 scene found Caroline hopping onstage at the the Mystic Grill to tell Matt how she really felt about him. Caroline takes chances with her heart, and when she compelled herself a backup band and started singing "Eternal Flame," the sentiment couldn’t have been clearer. Eventually, Matt rushed to give Caroline a show-stopping kiss, and we cried all of the happy tears.

  11. When Caroline stayed with Tyler through his first werewolf transformation.

    She sacrificed her own safety to be there for Tyler when he needed her most. That's what friends, especially friends like Care Bear, are for.

  12. When she saved her dad from Damon.

    "I'm stronger than you, little girl," Damon tauntingly told her when she attempted to save her dad from Damon's clutches. "Well I'm angrier," Caroline replied. Cue a blinding head-butt to the face. Thrive, Caroline, thrive!

  13. When she begged her dad to live.

    Caroline’s father wasn't happy about his daughter's vampirism. In fact, he was so mad, he spent days torturing her in a cellar. So of course he had to wait until he was dying to finally accept his daughter. Despite her dad being the worst, we still lost it when Caroline sobbed into his arms and said, "Please don't leave me, Daddy."

  14. When she fought an army of ghosts to save Tyler's mom.

    By Season 3, Caroline had transformed into a glorious badass, and when ghosts from the Other Side started wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls, she stepped right in and started taking care of business.

  15. When Caroline and Tyler broke up.

    When Caroline asked Tyler to stay and be the love of her life -- "Love me more than you hate him" -- he walked away, and he left Caroline (and us) in a pool of our own tears. RIP Forwood.

  16. When she became Stefan's "sober sponsor."

    In the aftermath of Stelena's breakup, Stefan was having a hard time not indulging his bloodlust and becoming the Ripper -- and it was Caroline he confided in. Caroline told Stefan that she wasn't going to let him fall off the blood-a-holic bandwagon: "As your sober sponsor, I am not going to let that happen."

  17. When she tried to help Stefan get over his PTSD.

    We're not entirely sure putting Stefan back into the safe he was locked up in for three months was a great idea, but at least Caroline believed, in her heart, she was helping him. And that's just another reason we love her so much; Caroline truly cares.

  18. When she finally gave into her urges.

    Yes, Klaus was kind of the most evil guy in the world, but watching Caroline finally do something that was 100 percent for herself, like hooking up with Klaus, was so great. It was Caroline's choice -- and we didn't think less of her for it, no matter how Tyler felt about it. Plus, you can't deny that Klaus and Caroline had insane chemistry together.

  19. When Stefan broke her heart.

    At the beginning of Season 6, Caroline and Enzo set out to track down Stefan, who went AWOL over the summer. When they find him, Caroline realized that he had been ignoring all of her calls and messages. He eventually returned to Mystic Falls, hellbent on killing Enzo and starting a life someplace new. So when Caroline poured her heart out to him, asking him to stay, we thought Stefan was going to do the right thing. But nope. He just ignored her cries and left. It was like pouring salt in our open hearts.

  20. When she told Stefan how she felt about him.

    Caroline got majorly friend-zoned when she told Stefan about her feelings for him, but you know what? That's totally OK! At least she had the courage to tell him how she really felt. Care has always been the heart of "TVD" because she's never been afraid to talk about her feelings, even when those feelings get stomped on my Stefan's stupid hero hair.

  21. When her mom was diagnosed with cancer and she flipped her humanity switch.

    When Liz was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, our hearts broke for Caroline. Her relationship with Liz has grown tremendously since Season 1, and they've been closer than ever in light of the Travelers' spell to eradicate the vamps in Mystic Falls. We couldn't control the tears when Stefan broke the news to Care at the hospital, and her denial was utterly gut-wrenching -- and most importantly, real. She didn't want to feel the pain of her mother's death anymore, so she did what Damon, Stefan and Elena have all done before her: she shut her humanity off. And at that time, it was the most human thing she could have done.