The Ultimate Creeper Costume: How To Be A 'Catfish' For Halloween

It's time to play digital dress up!

Over the past few years, we've watched countless internet fraudsters get outed on MTV's "Catfish" -- from the unforgettable Dee Pimpin' to the undeniably blunt Mhissy -- and now you can actually be one of these cyber fakes for Halloween. How, you ask? Well, it doesn't involve dressing up as seafood.

While we don't advise actually catfishing anyone in the long term, we do love a little mischief on All Hallow's Eve. In order to help you have the best October 31st imaginable, we've outlined a simple guide to pulling off this eerie look:

  1. Choose a new name

    Pick a moniker that's both inspirational and believable. Options include: Lil' Blizzard, Kristen Diamondface, Tony Believemeplease, or Trichelle Kardashian. Change all your display names accordingly!

  2. Conceal your cameras

    Hide the FaceTime or Skype cameras on everything you own (phones, computers, tablets, game consoles) so you have a good excuse ready to go in case anyone asks you to video chat. "Oh, me? I simply can't find a video camera anywhere..."

  3. Buy fake followers

    There are lots of shady websites offering you some not-quite-legit followers for any/all of your social media needs. As long as nobody looks too closely at any of those 38,000 Instagram likes, this should do the trick! Warning: Most of these sites will steal your credit card info and spam you for eternity. Worth it?

  4. Tell everyone you're a model

    Update the profile pictures on all your social media accounts to match with a gorgeous (and not too famous) face. That way, when you're telling everyone that you're a glamorous model/you just got in from a fashion thing in Paris/people pay you thousands of dollars to just wear their clothes, it'll be super believable. Another possible profession to use: an up-and-coming rapper.

  5. RSVP to a party...and then cancel

    Reply to a friend's event a few days in advance and assure the host that you will be there and are very excited about it. Then, once the bash is roughly 5-10 minutes from beginning, cancel with little to no explanation and don't answer any of the host's calls. For maximum effect, blame your ghosting on "car trouble" or your "mom and stuff."

  6. Walk around with your very own super sleuths

    Grab a couple friends and assign them each a job: One of them will be your Nev and the other will be your Max. Once they're in costume, send them around to your friends to ask questions about your modeling and rap careers.

  7. Have a big reveal

    Before the festivities are over, burst out and tell your friends everything. They may be confused. "Why would you ruin your Halloween just to pretend to be somebody else?" they might ask. Well, we understand you -- it's all for the thrill of the game.

If for some crazy reason you're not being a catfish for Halloween, hit the comments and let us know what you're planning! And stay tuned to MTV News for more info about upcoming episodes of "Catfish."