LaVon Rettig

Watch The Glazzies Get Weird (And Creepy) In Their 'So Strange' Video

Leave the lights on.

Halloween hasn't ever suffered from a shortage of cool, weird rock anthems, but New York duo the Glazzies offer a solid new option in the form of "So Strange." Watch alone... if you dare.

Things get weird pretty quickly in the track's music video (premiering here exclusively) which features trippy, warped visuals, creepy masks and, yes, those are definitely some unnecessarily disturbing baby dolls. Thanks, but no thanks.

"For this video, we used the title of the song to fuel our ideas," the Glazzies told MTV News. "'So Strange' has some elements of psych rock and we wanted to incorporate that into the video. Our friends Micah [Weisberg] and Bill [Dvorak], who directed the video, used a VHS camera and layered shots together to get the strange effect that we were looking for."

"So Strange," with its giant hook and shrieking, splintering guitars, is featured on the band's Satin Stain EP (where Dinosaur Jr's legendary Murph plays drums, which is pretty sick). The Glazzies specialize in '90s influenced alternative that goes well beyond Nirvana worship: buzzy, haunting melodies that are sleek, yet perfectly rough around the edges. Just strange enough, if you ask us.