JoJo’s New ‘Say Love’ Video Will Tug HARD At Your Heartstrings

Here's what happens when JoJo's man doesn't say those three little words.

Following the hand choreography-heavy clip for “When Love Hurts,” JoJo is back with an absolute heartbreaker of a vid that’ll make you want to whack her lover over his manbun’ed head.

On Tuesday (Oct. 27), the 24-year-old released the surprisingly rustic-inspired video for “Say Love,” a supercharged ballad about being emotionally honest and not getting that vulnerability reciprocated. Saying she’s “pretty” or even “perfect” isn’t enough for JoJo; she wants her man to say those three little words to her face, but he keeps literally and figuratively turning her back to her.

In August, JoJo broke down the track for MTV News, saying, “‘Say Love” is kind of a call to action — say what you need to say and demanding more. Putting yourself out there, making yourself vulnerable and you’re asking for the same, if not more, in return. It’s a big, emotional, driving mid-ballad.”

“Say Love” is one of three tracks (or “tringles,” if you will) that ushered in JoJo’s triumphant comeback — check out the other two here.