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11 Celebrities Who Are Completely Unrecognizable In Their Halloween Costumes

No one takes Halloween as seriously as celebrities. Perhaps it's because they know they're going to get photographed or that they really love to invest their fortunes in time-specific costumes. Regardless, there are some celebrities that are so good at dressing up for the holiday that you can't even tell it's them. From face paint to full on prosthetics, check out all of the celebs who completely turn into different people (or things!) on Halloween.

  1. Rihanna as Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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    Only Rihanna could make green face paint and a turtle shell backpack look cool.

  2. Heidi Klum as an old person
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    Halloween costumes are an art form for Heidi Klum. She went all out with her old lady costume, adding fake wrinkled skin and veins to her body.

  3. Michelle Trachtenberg as Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
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    Michelle even had her creepy "Nightmare Before Christmas" pose down.

  4. Colton Haynes as Fiona from "Skrek"
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    Colton loves to commit to Halloween, but his Princess Fiona look is hard to top.

  5. Shenae Grimes as Frankie Stein
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    From the doll-like pose, to the blue contacts, to the spot-on hair and makeup. Shenae's Frankie costume is A++.

  6. Katy Perry as Freddy Mercury

    Katy took inspiration from one of her musical heroes and transformed not only her look into Freddie Mercury, but she adopted his mannerisms too. V method.

  7. Miley Cyrus as Lil' Kim

    If it weren't for the instantly recognizable tattoos, we'd never guess this was Miley Cyrus.

  8. Beyoncé as Storm

    If you thought Beyoncé was above dressing up for Halloween, think again.

  9. Kim Kardashian as Ann Wintour

    The tweed, the bob, the sunglasses. Kim Kardashian was basically Anna Wintour's long lost twin.

  10. Fergie as Elvira

    The high slit and even higher hair transformed Fergie into Elvira completely.

  11. Demi Lovato as a zombie
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    Demi Lovato's zombie costume will haunt you forever. Bye!!!