5 'Are You The One?'-Approved Tips To Help Prevent Pregnancy

Because sometimes, being in an exotic locale can be extra-romantic.

By Reilly Dunn of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Should you find yourself in a tropical locale looking for true love and a little extra cash, then congratulations -- you’re on "Are You The One?"!

Along with finding your perfect match and possibly winning $1 million, you may explore some other steamy meaningful relationships, which is why having reliable birth control is especially important. Here are some tips and tricks to walk away from "AYTO" without a little one:

  1. If you struggle with seasickness like Cheyenne...

    Keep this in mind: If you throw up within two hours of taking your pill, treat it as a miss and take the next one in your pack ASAP. Depending on the kind of pill you take/where you are in your pack, be sure to use alternative methods, like condoms, for the next week to be safe.

  2. If you're having some fun in the water like Hannah and Zak...

    Be sure you're using a birth control method in addition to condoms -- like the IUD, implant, the shot or the pill. The reason: You can still get pregnant in the water, and condoms aren’t exactly ocean-friendly.

  3. If you're an East Coast girl like Rashida and Kiki...

    What time should you take your pill in Hawaii? At the same time you would in your time zone of origin -- i.e. six hours earlier for these ladies.

  4. If you think you're ready for fatherhood like Chuck...

    Think twice and be sure to use a condom -- we doubt Chuck would really want to start a family with someone who wasn’t his perfect match, like Hannah or Britni.

  5. If you're in the honeymoon suite like Chelsey and Connor...

    You may be feeling friskier with all this extra alone time, so just make sure you're still using protection -- our #1 tip for hotter sex is to be on birth control so you don't spend time worrying about pregnancy.

For more info, check out Bedsider.org -- and be sure to keep watching "Are You the One?" Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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