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Katy Perry's Birthday Message To Hillary Clinton Is An Empowering Statement On Female Strength

Katy explains how 'strong women help create strong families.'

Katy Perry are Hillary Clinton are nearly birthday buddies, with Katy eating her cake on Oct. 25, and Hillary celebrating the day after. Given the pair's close ties these days, it's only fair that Katy would shout out Hillary with a nice b-day message.

But on Monday, Katy went a step further, detailing her political support for Hillary's 2016 presidential run in a lengthy statement on Instagram. She began by recounting how she (with a few of her "closest girlfriends") met with Hillary's senior policy adviser, Maya Harris, to learn more about Hillary's long-term plans for the U.S.

"We went over so many points and asked the hard questions on everything from gun control to birth control to health care to affordable education to a realistic approach in finding the middle class again," Katy wrote. "I was never raised with economic privilege and found money to be the main source of pain for my own family growing up, so I understand why there is a need for such change."

"I am still learning and educating myself on the world of politics and searching for every strand of authenticity buried deep in it," she continued. "What I heard and experienced this weekend empowers me to believe that real change is possible and on the way!"

The meeting took place a day before Katy took the stage at an Iowa rally to publicly support Hillary in both appearance and presence -- she even sang "Roar," a frequently used track on the campaign trail.

Katy's birthday post also detailed how she feels the Clinton campaign affects women across the country, especially on the issues of pay equality and becoming a mother/raising a family.

"Ladies! There are so many incredible opportunities for us that are possible: equal pay, paid leave (you don't lose your job if you want to have a family) and YOUR choice to have a family when and if it's RIGHT FOR YOU!" she wrote. "So, I stand with her for my daughters and their daughters, and beyond what time gives me. Get informed, get involved and become empowered! Strong women help create strong families!"

As great of a present as this was, it's always to have a physical gift to open. That's why Katy got Hillary something to wear that can show off her determination as the campaign trail heats up.