Grimes Is Back And Bloody In A New Two-Part Music Video

She also shared the track list and release date for her upcoming album Art Angels.

Grimes is the kind of artist who has taught us to expect the unexpected. So during the long three years following 2012’s Visions, we’ve suffered endless teasing and reports of scrapped material, sure, but her fans ultimately knew that whatever came of it would be fantastically different and worth the wait. It had to be.

And guess what? It is.

On Monday (Oct. 26), the 27-year-old Canadian artist gave us the first taste of her upcoming fourth studio album, Art Angels, in the form of a two-part video that she wrote, directed and edited herself. In true Grimes fashion, there’s a lot of eye-catching surrealism here, including some crazy costumes: one minute she’s a lavender-haired Marie Antoinette dancing on a basketball court, the next minute she’s a bloody, murderous angel.

But perhaps the most surprising element here is the music itself. The first track, “Flesh Without Blood,” is exuberantly poppy. Uncharacteristic? Yes. Exciting? HELL yes. The second part, “Life in the Vivid Dream,” is the comedown; a mellow, introspective slow burner. As much as we’d like to deduce that Grimes may be headed in a sonically different direction, though, she’s already warned us more surprises are on the way.

Along with that double dose of new material, she generously shared the Art Angels track list, which includes collaborations with Janelle Monae and Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes.

Grimes had previously shared the album’s title and cover art on Instagram. The 14-song LP drops digitally on Nov. 6 and physically on Dec. 11. At least we now know the wait is going to definitely, totally be worth it.