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Justin Bieber Drops Acoustic ‘Sorry’ Video That Includes Hoverboards, Skateboards And Aliens


Just when you think Justin Bieber's latest single, "Sorry," couldn't get much better, he goes and drops the acoustic version on us, and it's basically everything.

In the black-and-white video, Justin is seen cruising around the studio with the song's producers, Skrillex and Blood Diamond, on their hoverboards, doing tricks and falling off, as they talk about music and basically how awesome Justin is.

The three then take a seat on the couch, and with Skrillex strumming the guitar and Blood providing a beat by slapping his hand on his knee, Justin breaks out into the song, slowing down the usually upbeat track as he shows off his impressive vocals.

Halfway through the clip, the music stops and the video cuts to an indoor skate park where JB and Skrillex show off their pretty serious moves.

The video concludes with Justin finishing off the song, which is the second single off his album Purpose (out Nov. 13), dancing with a life-size alien figure (seriously) and then teaching Skrillex how he masters his vocal runs -- it's a little bit of mouth movement and a little bit of breath, for all those wanting to try at home.