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Snow White Is Katy Perry For Halloween -- What Costumes Did 7 More Disney Princesses Pick?

What would Disney princesses wear for Halloween if they lived in our world?

Halloween is just around the corner and for many of us, pop culture, with all its exciting possibilities, holds the key to our costume's identity.

If you love Disney, you may be getting your Elsa or Jasmine costume ready or, like Colton Haynes, getting your tresses just white enough to be the sea witch Ursula. But have you ever thought what the princesses would wear on All Hallow's Eve if they had access to the same Hollywood wonderland that you and I do?

We asked animator and illustrator Brandon Vernon to imagine what Disney princesses like Tiana, Ariel and Cinderella would choose as their costumes for Halloween in 2015, and he certainly didn't disappoint.

See all eight original drawings (and the princess' thinking behind each costume) below.

  1. Elsa as The Countess from "American Horror Story: Hotel"

    The royal halls of Arendelle Castle are silent on Wednesday nights -- that's when "AHS: Hotel" airs, of course. Although the themes are pretty ... adult ... for Elsa's fan base, she couldn't resist putting on The Countess' already iconic red dress from episode 2.

  2. Snow White as Katy Perry

    Snow White has heard all of the comparisons between the two, and Katy Perry herself has even name-dropped the famous princess in her song "Not Like The Movies." Snow thought she'd return the favor.

  3. Cinderella as Pizza Rat

    Cinderella wanted to pay homage to her mouse friends by dressing up as Perla's cousin in New York that got a lot of attention last month.

  4. Tiana as Cookie Lyon from "Empire"

    Tiana, like everyone else on Earth, loves "Empire." She especially likes Cookie Lyon for her enterprising spirit. Even when the chips are down -- and on "Empire" they're down like 95% of the time -- Cookie keeps fighting for what she dreams, just like Tiana.

  5. Pocahontas as Ronda Rousey

    Pocohantas thought she'd dress as another badass woman for the holiday, and what better than history maker and UFC fighter Ronda Rousey?

  6. Belle as Agent Peggy Carter

    The bookish Belle loves the adventurous spirit of Peggy Carter and her commitment to looking past the status quo. Belle cannot wait for the second season and neither can we.

  7. Merida as Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games"

    Ever since Katniss Everdeen shot her first arrow in "The Hunger Games," Merida has been hooked on the bravest human being in Panem.

  8. Ariel as Harley Quinn

    The Little Mermaid is just as excited for "Suicide Squad" as you and I are, and she admires Margot Robbie's ability to make her character's costume the most searched Halloween costume for a movie no one's even seen yet.

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