Ja Rule Has That Chat With His Daughter's 'Boyfriend'

Do NOT mess with the man of the house.

Taking a significant other to meet the folks is a bold relationship move -- but it's even more entertaining if you're fooling your parent with a romantic charade and you're actually single. And the latter statement certainly applied to Ja Rule, his teenage daughter Brittney and her faux "boyfriend" during the inaugural installment of "Follow the Rules."

During tonight's premiere episode of the new MTV docu-series, the rapper's firstborn begrudgingly returned home during a break from her studies (Dad insisted!), and she brought along a young lad named Jorge who was posing as her beau. After enjoying some QT with the musician's very own Moonman and taking swigs of a cobra-infused bottle of booze, Jorge got quite the surprise when Ja decided it was time to have that man-to-man talk with the guy he believed was romancing his only little lady. And not one to mince words, Ja got right to the point during their "great outdoors" conversation.

"So tell me Jorge, you date any other girls Jorge? At this time right now?" the father of three posed in the clip below.

"I don't think I got any other girls," Jorge replied, following a bit of back and forth about his current love life. Ooop, using "think" was not the best decision.

After quarreling over Jorge's "B-Nasty" nickname (spoiler: Ja didn't like it) and both insisting she is their "baby girl," Ja got rather blunt and told Jorge how he was really feeling.

"Respect is the biggest thing you can have when dealing with a man's daughter," he began. "I've got my f**king eyes on you."

But that was only the beginning. Watch the entire entertaining exchange, and be sure to keep watching "Follow the Rules" every Monday at 10/9c!