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Blac Chyna Got A Rapper's Name Tattooed On Her Hand -- And It's Not Tyga

Future responded, and there wasn't much love.

UPDATE (10/27/15, 3:44p.m. ET): It doesn't seem like Future was too amused by Blac Chyna's tattoo. On Tuesday, Oct. 27, he tweeted some not-so-cryptic messages, including, "U kno I dnt f--k wit no rumors..."

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Seems like there's a pretty limited pool of eligible bachelors in the music industry, because there's plenty of overlap everywhere you look.

Blac Chyna, for example, has a baby with Tyga (who's currently dating Kylie Jenner), and now it seems like she might be getting serious with Future (who was recently engaged to Ciara).

They've only been rumored to be dating for a couple of weeks -- Chyna was allegedly spotted on Future's "Stick Talk" video set -- but the stripper/model seems to be taking this seriously. On Sunday, she posted a photo of a fresh tattoo on her hand that reads "Future."

She could just be busy strategizing for her successful future, but she included the caption, "Thought it was a drought," which is the title of a track from Future's DS2 album. Some fans have noted, in her Instagram comments, that she also has "Past" tattooed on the other hand, but she didn't post that one.


If this is dedicated to the Atlanta rapper -- is it a little too soon for this ink? Perhaps. Future and Ciara had the first letter of each other's named tattooed at one point, but CiCi's since had hers removed. And, it's worth mentioning that Future is actually the legal name of the rapper's son with Ciara.

Awkward? Yeah, kinda.