'Awkward' Poll: Who Should Be Crowned Palos Hills' Prom King And Queen?

Matty and Jenna are nominated, but there are plenty of worthy opponents.

Jenna Hamilton has worn a handful of hats on “Awkward” -- best friend, sought-after blogger, begrudging subject of school-wide gossip -- but will a crown make for a better fit?

While Jenna was once about as detectable among her peers as a candlewick in a wildfire, her senior year has catapulted her into verifiable popularity (thanks almost exclusively to the legendary blackout party). Her classmates have taken such notice of her, in fact, that she's found herself on Palos Hills High School's short list of Prom Queen nominees -- an unlikely contender beside the likes of The Julies and their decisively cool counterparts. And though Jenna was very sure her inclusion was a mistake (or, likelier, a joke), Tamara has managed to convince her it was cast in earnest. And now, she awaits the verdict…

And on the side of potential gentleman royalty? None other than Matty McKibben, PHHS’ own Prince Charming. Considering Matty’s reputation -- the juncture of amiable nice guy and unattainably cool bro—we say he’s got a good shot of winning the title. But should he? And though Jenna’s come a long way, does she necessarily deserve the spot by his side?

Canvassers of Jatty come out of the woodwork every chance they get, but there are alternatives to the couple that might be more deserving of a moment in the limelight. What about Tamara and Jake, who went through hell and back as a couple and have managed to become great friends? Or, though Sergio’s not technically a student (and just broke Sadie’s heart), we could see the exes falling back into love while assuming their respective thrones, and who says Jake and Gabby couldn’t do the same as the school’s new majesty?

(Finally, wouldn’t it be just be a real hoot to see Lissa and Theo walk away with the title?)

So, in your heart of hearts -- and in a gravity-free world where anything goes -- who would you want to see walk away with the title of Palos Hills High School Prom King and Queen? Make your choice in the poll below or, if another couple would get your vote, say so in the comments!

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