Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

Ruby Rose Dances Like Drake, Gets Pizza Tattoos Just Like The Rest Of Us

This is one MTV EMA souvenir she'll never lose.

At Sunday's 2015 MTV EMA, Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose played a bit of good cop/bad cop -- or, more appropriately, cute host/badass host. And indeed, there was no denying Rose's charismatic badassery, especially when she twinned out real hard with Justin Bieber.

And definitely when she brought some serious ??? to the EMA stage in Milan with an actual flamethrower.

Since she escaped this fiery situation unscathed and without any notable burns or singes, Rose's true badge of EMA-hosting honor had to take another shape, and it did, in the form of a pizza-centric tattoo she got inked with in Italy. Yum.

But maybe it should've been pasta instead? Rose posted a very noodle-centric photo on Instagram Sunday night just after rocking her spaghetti dress at the EMA, with the lighthearted caption, "? happy pasta day!!"

After the show, Rose celebrated the way any normal human celebrated anything in October 2015: by busting out her best rendition of Drake's languid "Hotline Bling" video dance moves. So clearly, pizza and pretending you're playing Wii Tennis is the new Netflix and chill. Someone in the video even says, "Pizza and tennis!"

The lesson here? Always get your Europe souvenirs where you can't possibly lose them -- on your skin (and on social media, where videos of you dancing like Drake will never die).