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Drake's Vegas Birthday Was Filled With Dancing, Customized Gifts And Throwback Pics

He turned the big 2-9.

What do get the man who could have anything, and probably get it easier for himself than you could for him? You put thought into his birthday gift. And that's exactly what happened on Drake's birthday over the weekend.

"Thank you Tuxedo and my Nice Guy Family!!!!" Aubrey wrote with an Instagram pic of a gold ping pong paddle, emblazoned with his "6 God" logo on the front. He may not be able -- or want -- to actually use it, but as a ping pong aficionado these days, he sure seemed excited with the gift.

He also got what he called the "Best gift ever. Custom uniform from my high school @queenshmink thank you love you."

It wasn't all gifts, though. To celebrate the big 2-9, Aubrey headed to Vegas, according to a post from P. Reign, who called it #HangoverPart4.

The (Birthday) Boy was dancing on the plane on the way over -- probably not just because it was his day, but also because he saw the reaction to that "Hotline Bling" video. That would've had me posting more dancing videos online, too.

And his pops, Dennis Graham, let loose to "Hotline Bling," too.

"Thank you for everything," he wrote alongside a picture of a ton of OVO balloons. "Tonight is one of the few moments I will stop to enjoy this."

Sure looked like the dude enjoyed his big day.

And Big Sean was there to party, too.

But Drake doesn't just take. He also gives. And so he gave fans, on his birthday weekend, some gifts that they could enjoy: Classic throwback pictures. First, he hit us with the always-necessary baseball card.

Plus, some lucky ladies whom he was trying to cozy up with a few decades ago. "Danielle and Rebecca...WYA?" he wrote.

And then there was -- whatever this is. Savage.

What's in store for 30?