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Watch Justin Bieber Smash His EMA Performance -- Broken Ear Drum And All

Nothing got in the way of a dope 2015 MTV EMA show.

Even though Justin Bieber might've been a little injured doesn't mean he didn't turn up all the way at the 2015 MTV EMA stage in Milan. Along with winning six awards for Biggest Fans, Best Male, Best Collaboration (with Jack U), Best Canadian Act, Worldwide Act: North America and Best Look, he also graced us with a performance.

The kid had a broken ear drum (due to a wake boarding accident) when he showed up on Sunday night (Oct. 25), but, equipped with an ear plug to block out the screams, Bieber went full force into his performance of "What Do You Mean?" -- yes, the same song he performed at the VMAs that made him break down in tears.

Dressed in my red oversized sleeping shirt (and matching pants), Bieber emerged onstage by his lonesome, absorbing the spotlight as mesh walls hung from the ceiling around him, creating a room just for him. The walls illuminated with computerized geometric graphics -- perhaps influenced by Kraftwerk, perhaps influenced by the Broadway play "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time," perhaps neither. What we really need to focus on here is Bieber's dance moves.

We never really questioned whether the dude could dance. But the dude can DANCE! It wasn't the kind of routine that looked over-choreographed or forced -- hell, Bieber didn't even break a sweat. Instead, he proved himself as the effortless dancer who makes every move onstage look as if it was just an embellished stroll in the park. Of course, the fireworks and his energetic backups created a bit more of a spectacle.

If the word wasn't dead anymore, you might want to call Bieber's EMA performance "swaggy." But since that era is burnt to a crisp, let's just revel in a performance by a completely normal, baseball cap-wearing guy who just so happens to have a #1 song. And this time, there was no need for tears.