Mike Coppola / Getty Images for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Fell And Hurt Himself... Again

Somebody put Fallon in a bubble.

If there are two things Jimmy Fallon seems to be very good at, it's making people laugh and falling down. The "Tonight Show" host tripped and fell after being honored by the Harvard Lampoon at Harvard University on Saturday night.

Fallon was taken to the emergency room and treated for an injured hand. He was released the same day. In June, Fallon injured his other hand when he fell in the kitchen, and in August, the man chipped a tooth.

The Harvard Lampoon, a humor magazine, awarded Fallon with the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor. A video posted by a guest at the event shows Fallon taking a dive.

No worries, though. It looks like Fallon will pull through.

Congrats on the award, Jimmy. And, uh, be careful out there.