Ahmed Mohamed FINALLY Got His Clock Back

Nearly a month after he was first arrested, Ahmed Mohamed received his clock back from police.

After a very long wait, national outrage, numerous thinkpieces and a visit to the White House, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed finally received his clock back from the Irving Police Department.

Ahmed was arrested by Irving, Texas police officers when a homemade clock he brought to his Dallas-area school on Sept. 14 was mistaken for a bomb. The police ultimately did not charge Ahmed with a bomb hoax.

Naturally, many across the country were outraged by the arrest, accusing the Irving Police Department with discrimination and ethnic profiling of Ahmed because he is Muslim. Since the incident, Ahmed has left his school with plans to move to Oman to further his scientific studies.

On Friday, a lawyer for Ahmed picked up the clock from the police department and Ahmed tweeted his excitement.