Fans Of 'The Shining': Rejoice! The Stanley Hotel Is Opening A Horror Museum

All work and no play makes haunted hotel management a dull ploy.

Die-hard (no pun intended) fans of Stephen King classic "The Shining" are going to be able to double down on their love for the bestseller. The Stanley Hotel – inspiration for the book's Overlook Hotel – is planning to open a horror museum within its walls.

The plans for the Stanley Film Center call for a horror-themed museum, film production studio and film archive, and the building will host an array of traveling film exhibits. Actors Elijah Wood and Simon Pegg serve on the museum's founding board, which is asking the state of Colorado for $11.5 million in tourism funds to support the $24 million addition. It's a small price to pay for a "year-round horror destination," don't you think? The state has yet to approve the proposal, but we suggest lawmakers give it the green light, lest they find themselves possessed by the vengeful spirit of a demonic hotel.

The Stanley certainly has enough IRL fodder for exhibits – the building, built in 1909, is chock full of paranormal activity, and visitors have reported ghost sightings and unexplained phenomena for decades. So if a set of twins deliver your room service during your stay, we'd suggest sending it back to the kitchen. Especially if you're in room 237.