These Giant Shark Teeth Washing Up On North Carolina Beaches Prove Sea Monsters Are Real


Look, sharks are terrifying. When they're not trying to eat Zac Efron or amassing into a horrifying airborne tunnel of teeth, they're falling prey to freakishly massive fish. Basically, the ocean is just a huge churning vat of NOPE.

And thanks to one stretch of North Carolina coastline, reminders of that fact are washing up on the daily. Beachgoers across the area have been stumbling upon giant fossilized teeth belonging to a prehistoric shark called the Megaladon, which clocked in at an estimated 60 feet long. The teeth are around six inches long, with some as big as an adult's hand.

Experts say the relics are appearing on shore thanks to a series of coastal storms that have hit the area, which have likely dislodged the death spikes from their watery resting place. The sole reason not to run screaming for higher ground if you happen upon one? They're worth $300-$500. That should buy you a few sessions with a really good therapist, to rid yourself of post-traumatic night terrors.