Scott Olson/Getty Images

Katy Perry Took Over Hillary Clinton's Instagram Account -- Here's How That Went Down

When politics went pop.

Not even a week ago, Katy Perry publicly tweeted her endorsement for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, saying she'd be at Clinton's Iowa rally on Saturday.

And then Saturday came, and Katy performed at the rally -- she sang "Firework" and even called Clinton her firework, after Bill Clinton was her self-described "opening act," as per ABC News -- dressed in a patriotic display of support.

In addition to appearing at the rally and lending her vocal cords, Katy took over Clinton's Instagram account for the day, showing off her Clinton-centric swag and giving her a chance to connect with even more folks via social media. Here's what we learned from a KP takeover.

For the record, Clinton's birthday is Monday, Oct. 26 -- while Katy's is today. So, happy birthday, Katy! Have a great one...even if it's stressing you out.